Welcome to Amherst Wesleyan Church!
Thanks for Checking us Out!

Here are a few things that might help make your visit freaking fantastic!

Sunday Service

10:30am Worship & Konnect Kids 

Sermon Podcast
What to Expect

1. Wear your normal clothes, suits and bonnets are not required... usually!

2. Kids ages 2-12 can be dropped off to Konnect Kids from 10:15- 10:30am where they will have their own supervised service while us cool adults party upstairs.

3. Giving will be talked about, but is not required, especially if you are just visiting. You don't have to give to attend AWC.

4. The service will last about 1 hour.

5. There will be lots of music (often with guitars and drums), some preaching from the Bible (like a speech) and prayer.

6. Animal sacrifices take place every 3rd and 7th day of the Red Moon, twice on Feb 31st, and only when granted permission from Supreme Chancilor Palpatine. (This one is a joke, don't worry.)

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