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Search Boldly

We believe the Bible is the most amazing book ever written! And we strive to bring its stories to life through activities and discussions that help kids search boldly for answers to all of life’s questions. We want all kids to love God’s Word and understand the value of applying it to their lives.

Connect Honestly

As kids build relationships with leaders and each other, they gain the support and confidence to grow in their faith. When they commit to attending each week, your kids will be surrounded by a small group of familiar faces where they can connect honestly and get good, sincere, helpful advice, encouragement and support.

Serve Humbly

We want kids to understand the truth of who they are; that they were created for a purpose, on purpose and are loved by God.  We believe as kids learn these truths they will be able to see God’s incredible plan for them and desire to serve humbly both God and others.  Throughout the year kids are given opportunities to serve our community with cards of thanks to local heroes, donations to the food bank, and other similar projects.

Worship Fully

We believe that when kids enjoy learning about God they will become adults who worship not just on Sunday morning but all week long.  Following God won’t be just a tradition, or pastime, but they will learn to use every part of their lives to worship fully.  They will become down-to-earth people following Jesus in down-to-earth ways!