We've seen a significant shift in how our online content is being receieved and used since the province has begun re-opening. It takes a lot of time and energy to produce this online content, and we think it is best to shift gears.

We have been producing an online version of our weekly sermon as a podcast for more than 5 years now and want to build off of that. Starting in October we will no longer be doing an online weekly video sermon, but will encourage people to check out our weekly sermon podcast.

We will also begin producing a new podcast episode each week where we will give a short recap of the sermon, discuss the sermon and share how it applies to us. Podcasts can be more accessible since they are audio only and can be listened to while doing other things like driving, chores, work or exercising. We hope this short show will reach more people just checking out Christianity and our church, and encourage them to listen to the full sermon podcast, and come by to check out a service.

Check out our podcast here!